Thursday, December 20, 2012

Short and sweet.

I was completely inspired the other night after Adam and I had a little bump in the road. As it would turn out, something he told me wasn't quite true. Dates were mixed up, whatever, I interpreted the situation as he blatantly lied to me, he says he mixed up dates. Being as the dates in question were before we even met, I decided it was best to let this situation go. I was firm about where I stood on the situation and that I was not interested in dating someone I could not trust. He agreed, was understanding, and apologetic. I was upset: he reached out to me, he consoled me, assured me I could trust him in the present and in the future and in that moment, that was exactly what I needed. After we talked and hugged, agreed to go back to being a 'happy normal couple' and went about our evening. At night when our heads hit the pillow I thanked him for having patience and talking to me without getting upset at me. His response melted my heart, he said 'Thank you for talking to me and expressing your concerns, also thank you for not ignoring me any longer.' <--In reference to his 3 un-returned text messages and 2 un-returned phone calls previously that day. Simple as his response sounds it was beyond touching, it put the whole situation into perspective for me. As someone who can tend to be semi-selfish in love I was completely looking at this situation as-- HE LIED TO ME. HE HURT ME, this is all about ME. I was unable to see anything past that. However, Adam was hurt by this too, one of his messages throughout the day said 'I hate that you think I am lying to you.' When we talked at night he said how hard this was for him because he felt like I was negating all of our good times for one mis-communication (I can be a bit of a hard ass). I made a bigger deal out of it then necessary but he allowed it, he allowed me to vent and he listened, apologized, and calmed me down. My gratitude and feelings for Adam greatly increased in that moment. Even though this was my issue and mainly my feelings that were hurt, what a sweet reminder that this situation was hard and hurtful for him too.
So here is my grand thought: At all times, we should all do our best to be smart, yet selfless in love and think about the other person involved in the situation. We all have our own past, current struggles, feelings, and experiences and when two people are attempting to come together one should always remember to be true to themselves and own their issues however still maintain a kind soul that can allow the other person to be heard and felt too. Even if you are the person in the wrong, compassion from the person you wronged is a beautiful thing. Live and learn

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