Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Man, you're legit.

Last night, while sitting on the deck after just having said good night to an extremely handsome man (ooo, so hard to do) I was overcome with a thought.  It's a simple idea, yet put into certain context reminded me what this journey is all about.  I thought to myself, Everywhere you turn the same advice is resonated and people are told *MARRIAGE IS WORK* and anyone who has a successful one will attest to this, BUT, if you like your partner, similar to how some people like their job, what's the big deal if you gotta do a little work here and there?  Liking your partner is a HUGE piece of the love puzzle that I think so many people overlook; instead qualities like physical appearance, careers, sensitivity, hobbies, etc get more spotlight time but when you really think about it...having respect, being able to smile and not sigh towards your partner, and just truly enjoying their personality will make the ultimate difference.  It seems to me when someone does not like their job there are plenty of obvious physical manifestations, you see them moaning and groaning before, after, and during the work day however, the people who are blessed with a job they enjoy are complete opposites....they eagerly talk about work, anticipate it, and even work late sometimes just for the joy of it. So, is this the magic secret to actually enjoying the work that is essential for a marriage? To like your job? Aka like your husband/wife?

After having been through trials, health struggles, job loss or whatever life throws at you, if you can look at your significant other with a loving light in your eyes, then damn, you've got it! It's saddening to me how life can bring two wonderful people apart and through varying experiences we allow life to wedge us apart instead of utilizing those trials to bring us closer together.  In a relationship, two people must put eachother first and pledge to care for that persons needs or else things will get messy.  To bring it back around full circle, in my humble opinion, a healthy relationship is only possible if you truly have a sincere desire in your heart for that persons well-being, a desire not fueled by sexual or any other sort of physical craving (although that lusty feeling is very important too!!!), but simply a loving, friendly compassionate feeling towards that person, aka LIKE THEM!

I'm on a mission to figure it out... In the meantime please leave your thoughts on like and love below!

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